Blue Jean Dreams by H&M

I don’t think I have ever fallen so much in love with a clothing collection like I have with H&M’s ‘Blue Jean Dreams’. This collection features of course many denims in the form of the trending flared pants, overalls and even a bib overall dress! The collection also have some stylish jersey tops in earthy and neutral tones to go well with the denims.

Since I have been feeling really inspired by this collection, I have made some sets on Polyvore and thought I would share them with you here.

I have taken my favorite pieces from the collection and put them together in three outfits. My absolute favorite of the bunch has to be look #3 as it has the bib overall dress (can you tell how much I love this item and need to get my hands on it?). I hope you get some inspiration from the outfits!

Look #1 – cool coat and shoes with a twist

Blue Jean Dreams by H&M | Look #1


Look #2 – denim skirt and ankle boots

Blue Jean Dreams by H&M | Look #2


Look #3 – denim bib overall dress and white sneakers

Blue Jean Dreams by H&M | Look #3


Thank you for reading and checking out the looks and feel free to comment your favorite look below! Also feel free to check out my polyvore account where I try to post outfit ideas regularly. If you want to know more about polyvore, you can check this.




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