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4 Ways to Wear Rose Quartz and Serenity

Rose Quartz

Pantone always release the colour of the year, and this year there are two colours. Move over, Marsala. It is time for rose quarts and serenity. The colours are a pale pink and a light baby blue. I will show you how you 3 makeup looks and one nail design, all containing the colours of the year.

I think that this year’s colours are a bit more suitable for paler skin tones, but that does not mean that darker ones can wear them. Wear whatever you like and feel comfortable with. I will hopefulle do a post soon with outfits of the same colours to show you style options other than makeup looks. But for now, hope you enjoy this post!

All sets/collages included in this post are made on either the Polyvore app or website.

1| The Graphic EyelinerRose Quartz and Serenity: Graphic Eyeliner

Want the eyes to be that statement? Go for the graphic eyeliner! This is a technique that I like to use whenever I am wearing a bold eyeliner. I feel like the black liner tones it down a bit, making it more wearable on my part. The white liner on your waterline can also open up the eye, giving you a more awake appearance.

2| Soft cheeks and a Pop of BlueRose Quartz and Serenity: Soft cheeks and a pop of blue

This look is more subtle than the graphic eyeliner, but this has that pop of color. You can be as fancy as you like with the eyeshadow. You can either go for a light wash of blue, or put a darker blue in the crease for more depth. I would personally skip the eyeliner on this look, as I want the lashes to stand out. Lastly, apply a pink blush.

3| Gradient Nails

Rose Quartz and Serenity: Gradient Nails
If you do not want to wear bright colours on your face, you can display the colours of the year on you nails. With this cute and easy manicure yu are sure to impress anyone who lays their eyes on it!

4| Wispy lashes and pink lips


Rose Quartz and Serenity: Wispy lashes and pink lips


The last look is more subtle compared to the others, as this one requiers simple eyemakeup. The colours is in the lips, and again you can choose if you want to go bold and opaque or tinted.

Hope this post gave you some inspiration as to how you can wear the colours of the year. As always, please leave any questions, comments or anything below. Chances are that I will answer within seconds! Thank you for reading so far.




The Do’s and Don’ts of Nails



Whether you are running low on money or if you like to do your own nails, this is a guide for you. I am by no means a nail expert, but you tend to pick up a thing or two over the years as a nail polish addict. That is why I am going to share with you some nail do’s and don’ts of nails. Hope you find it helpful!

DO: Two thin layers of polish

It is better to apply to thin layers of polish rather than one thick one. A thicker layer takes longer to dry and have a better change at peeling off. Two thin layers and allowing them to dry between each application will make the manicure last longer.

DON’T: File back and forth

When you file back and forth, you cause friction in the layers of the nail (not sure about the science of this, but well acquainted with the consequences). The friction can cause peeling on the edges of your nails, thus weakening them. Instead, file in one direction.

DO: Roll the nail polish bottle between your palms

You should this whenever you see that the polish has started to separate, which they tend to do over some time. Hold the bottle upside down between your palms and roll back and forth. This is much better than smacking the bottle against you palm, as this causes air bubbles and nobody want that.

DON’T: Buff more than you need to

When you buff your nails, you are essentially taking off layers of your nails. As a result of this, your nails get weaker and brittle. Personally, I prefer ridged nails to weaker nails. That does not mean that I do not buff at all. I do, whenever on of my nails peel at the edges. I buff the edge to smooth it down, so it is not caught up on other materials. Either way, do not buff more than you need to.

DO: Paint from the little finger and outwards

When painting your nails, it is best to start from the little finger and continue outwards as this lessens the risk of you bumping against and smudging your handy work.

DON’T: Do anything to your nails when they are wet

Your nails are at their weakest when they are wet. You might have felt how flexible they are, contrary to how they are when dry. Don’t file or cut them while wet, as this might lead to peeling nails.

DO: Apply polish to an oil-free base

Applying polish to a bare nail is always the best option for a long-lasting manicure. Any excess moisture or residue will prevent the polish to adhere to the nail properly. We are all tempted to lather our hand in hand lotion after removing polish from out nails, as the remover is quite drying on both nails and hands. I am by no means telling you to skip this step, as it can be quite hard to resist. What you do, on the other hand, is to take a q-tip with polish remover and wipe down your nails before applying your polish.

Here they are, my top do’s and don’ts of nails. I hope that you found it helpful and thank you for reading so far. If there are any questions, request or just a friendly ‘Hi’, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. I am not sure if you felt the desperation in my writing there, but it is quite dry on these parts.